About ENTA . . . . . . Teaching All Subjects Through the Arts

RHS Student complete Math-Art drawing in Sol Lewitt Project

“How will I use all this stuff I am learning in the real world?”

 — ENTA was formed in response to this important question from a third grade student.


ENTA – Education Network for Teachers & Artists – is a teaching artists’ cooperative founded by Pat Sexton and Peter Muste.  Our expertise is in teaching core subjects through the arts. 

Our visual and performing artists work collaboratively with K – 12 teachers to develop customized arts-based programs to help students use the core subject material of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, as well as Elective and Arts courses, to form opinions, problem-solve, pose challenges, express their points of view and artistically create a response to what they are learning.

ENTA programming enlivens core subjects and allows students and teachers to experience learning in active, meaningful educational environments that produce positive results demonstrated by the engagement of students and the enthusiasm of teachers. We are very proud of the work we do and are eager to share it with many schools.

We are based in Rhinebeck, NY in the mid-Hudson Valley.


Contact us:

Email:   Enta4arts@gmail.com

Phone:   845-876-6880